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Rabu, 2 Mac 2011

Last night’s Chelsea v Manchester United Premier League match was full of action and certainly lived up to the billing. Right from the get-go, both sides seemed primed for the occasion as careful strategic play of previous encounters made way to free flowing attacking football from both sides. With both Chelsea and Manchester United needing the 3 points desperately, the action never ceased to stop as Chelsea came back from a goal down to claim a much needed 2-1 victory. We’ve got the Chelsea vs Manchester United highlights below, so read on if you’ve missed last night’s riveting encounter.
Chelsea vs Manchester United Highlights

It was Man United that got the game off on the right foot, – Nani and Rooney combined for some quick attacks early on showing exactly why Man U were the league’s top attacking team. Apparently the Chelsea defense were unaware of Rooney’s recent scoring surge, as they left the English international unmarked right outside the box, resulting in a thunderounds strike which Petr Cech could do nothing about. The 29th minute goal meant that there would be no clean sheets for Chelsea tonight against their rivals, something they were able to achieve in 5 of their past 8 matches at The Bridge.

The goal served as a wake up call to Chelsea, and it was the new signing David Luiz that brought the score to one goal a piece in the 54th minute. The £21m signing from Benfica looked like a true warrior in defense for most of the night but it was his volley to the bottom right corner that gave the Blues a new spark of life. Chelsea’s attack in the second half was much more deliberate, with turnovers from Manchester United quickly turned into counter attacks thanks to the pace of Ramires. With Frank Lampard having a sub-par night it was up to Malouda to try to setup the forward two of Torres and Anelka.

The most controversial moment in the match was a quarter hour from time when David Luiz purposefully tripped Wayne Rooney which most referees would have penalized with a yellow card (and which would have resulted in Luiz being sent off). Instead referee Martin Atkinson let the game play on, something Alex Ferguson would lambaste him for after the match.

It was a pair of changes from Ancelotti however that really impacted the result of this game. Yuri Zhirkov returned to the side after a long absence and immediately made an impact, being tripped inside the box at the 78th minute. Frank Lampard blasted the penalty right down the middle, giving the Blues a 2-1 edge.

The last few minutes was the Didier Drogba show, who’s ball control prevented the Red Devils to make one of their patented last minute comebacks. Vidic was sent off in the last few minutes as a result of Chelsea’s time wasting antics – some turning into legitimate goal chances as United players looked visibly irritated.

The Chelsea vs Manchester United result will be met with joy from the other title contenders, especially Arsenal who will move to within one point of Man Utd if they manage to win their game in hand.

For Chelsea, it was a night that reminded everyone they still haven’t given up on the season. While Carlo Ancelotti will shy away from stating that the title race is still on, even he will have to admit the new found confidence that comes with beating United and climbing back into the Top 4.

Below you can watch Chelsea v Manchester United highlights including videos of all 3 goals from the night.

Chelsea vs Manchester United Highlights (VIDEO)
<a href="" target="_new" title="PL Highlights: Chelsea/Man Utd">Video: PL Highlights: Chelsea/Man Utd</a>

That wraps up our look at the Chelsea vs Manchester United highlights. Certainly, it was an eventful night that Premier League fans will talk about in the days ahead. Let us know your thoughts on the Chelsea v Manchester United result – should David Luiz have been sent off or is Alex Ferguson overreacting?

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